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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2010-03-21

  • I can't really say anything about's not functioning the way it is supposed to, and so it's functioning the was it was intended. #
  • Could we have known never would I, helped to nail down with nothing to gain, here's the clincher–this should be you #
  • Go #eers 😀 That 10-0 start was a little scary … keep the romp romping #WVU ! #
  • RT @factlets Glenn Martin has perfected a personal jet pack you can fly for 30 minutes. #
  • Not to mention the almost-15-upset-over-a-2 that was #Nova … will I regret only picking #WVU in any of my brackets? #
  • *blink*..*blink*..In a #bracket where I had a hard time picking ANY #tourney upsets, 7 out of 16 lower seeds win on the first day. #
  • Exact revenge on the web … new weapons coming soon! #
  • Recordings from open mic @ Cristina's Café in Strasburg 3-14-10 now live at: #
  • Did I ever mention I love #beer #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1892 the first voting machines were used for elections in New York State. #
  • Anyone else ever made hot dog pizza? Trying it right now … #

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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2010-01-03

  • Just finished #Dexter Season 3..great show, but good stopping point. Don't want to watch again until the end!! Next up, Battlestar Galactica #
  • Town Crier's gig went great! More to come hopefully … #
  • Happy new year!! #
  • Getting ready for the gig tonight! We're gonna rock the house … come check us out if you don't have plans! #
  • I never forget a face. Although, I often forget who it belongs to … #
  • Avenged Sevenfold drummer James Sullivan dies at age 28. #
  • Blue moon of Kentucky keep on a shinin …. #
  • If anyone is looking for New Year's plans, my band Town Crier is playing at the Shen. Farms Fire Dept (Just north of Front Royal) $40/couple #
  • I wonder how many people press the buttons on both sides of the water fountain … #
  • Back home — only to greet an extremely busy week …. #

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CIE Surplus — new, richer, e-commerce ready website!

After a year and a half or so of lots of business at geeXmedia, we finally had some time to build a more robust web front-end for CIE Surplus, whose commissioning of ListApp is really what brought about our company.

Anyway, I wanted to highlight the new features.

First of all, the most important enhancement is the ability to buy items directly from the website!  None of the other optimizations we’ve done are worth anything without that functionality.  That means you can buy an awesome steal of a deal from a CIE Surplus eBay auction, proceed to check out using the much-upgraded CIE cart, and pile on a bunch of additional blowout deals right from the site, and pay right there.

You can even specify customer pickup.  What does that mean to people in the northern Virginia, Winchester and Berryville Virginia, and West Virginia eastern panhandle area?  Super deals with no shipping charges!

And for the savvy user, there are RSS feeds to track new inventory from wherever you choose.  They are as follows:

Check it out today!  They can ship to anyone, so even if you’re not stopping by to pick up, you can get some seriously awesome deals.


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Husqvarna YTH20K46 Review — What not to buy!

Last year sometime, I bought a Husqvarna YTH20K46 46″ riding mower from Lowe’s.  It was about $1850.

I would not make the purchase again.  That being said, the tractor itself is not too shabby — it’s the mower deck that needs rethinking.

Since I bought the mower, I’ve replaced the bladed 3 times, and I have less than 50 hours on the machine.  Sure, maybe I don’t baby the thing, but for $1850, it should be able to handle a few sticks and the occasional rock (believe me — I can’t avoid them all no matter how hard I try).

I’ve also had to replace the belt.

The arm that holds up the front of the deck is CRAP — pure and simple.  It has a hole for a useless cotter pin, and, of course, that is where it broke for me (after hitting a stump of course).

If you insist on buying this mower, be prepared to add some reinforcement welds on the rear deck brackets, as they might as well have tack welded them.

The tires do not hold air very well — expect to fill them every 6-8 hours of use.

Also, do NOT even attempt to use this mower without buying the mulching assembly as you will get enormous gobs of grass all over your yard.

The Kohler 20HP motor does a great job — the tractor itself is fantastic, although it always wants to spin the wrong tire when you need traction.

All that being said, with my own modifications (self-made, stronger front arm, reinforced welding) and the mulching kit, it’s actually turned into a half decent mower, at least for now.

UPDATE: By 2010 with less than 70 hours on the unit, the harmonic balancer went out of the JUNK Kohler motor, and I ended up recycling the mower.  Biggest waste of money I’ve ever experienced.

If you’re stuck with one of these pieces of junk, but you’re lucky enough still to have it operational, you’ve probably landed here looking for parts.  Well I can tell you, you can find really good prices for Husqvarna YTH20k46 parts on Amazon.  Good luck!


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