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Sutter Home California White Merlot 2007

This is easy!

My rating? 1.5 stars out of 5

As shortly as 8 months ago, the thought of a sweet wine made my eyes roll without even thinking about it, but I’ve really begun to develop a taste for sweet, fruity homemade wines.

I was looking for just that the other night — something similar to a grapy, sweet homemade wine.  There were plenty of choices in the store, perhaps too many, but none that looked like a good match with a price I was willing to risk.

So, I found this 2007 Sutter Home California White Merlot for $7.50 … I figured at least it wouldn’t be as harsh as a typical Merlot because of the white.  Little did I know it was pure “rotgut.”

It has a quite yeasty flavor, and the white touching the red gives an ever so blaring hint of vinegar …

Chilled, it does have a tolerable flavor, but only because it is overloaded with sugar. In fact, I believe it is just enough to trick you into thinking it’s sweet, but still manage to steal any character that the original merlot may have brought to the bottle …

Not likely to take a risk on ANY Sutter Home wine in the future …


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Black Swan Vineyards 2006 Shiraz & Merlot 70%/30% Blend

So this particular saturday night I ended up with a bottle of the 2006 70% Shiraz, 30% Merlot red wine blend from Black Swan Vineyards, southeastern Australia.

My rating?  4.5 stars out of 5.

It is excellent at a slightly elevated, Virginia summer room temperature.  An incredibly velvety smooth berry and grape texture, followed by just the hint of a pointed tart and a molasses laced finish note and a subtle enough smoky bouquet that you can ignore it if you like.  After all, the smoked barrel lost its edge about 20 years ago.  (-0.2 stars).

The major down side?  Nothing amazing (-0.3 stars), but it’s perfect for this night.

Cecily says it goes well with Fudge Stripe cookies.


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