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IE6 is not yet dead, although it should be … though I wonder

There’s not much contention that IE6 is an outdated browser and is not suited for the modern web.  If you don’t buy that just on sheer merit, there’s no point to read the rest of this article.

Most informed articles addressing the issue have boiled “the reason why” down to the fact that those users can’t upgrade (restricted by work, slow computer, etc.)

However, I wonder how it would be to build an HTML/JavaScript browser (which is effectively what Firefox currently is) that embeds directly into IE6 by visiting a webpage.

A user loads IE6, sets his/her home page to “” and then navigates from within that page.

I would venture that this would more of a nuisance and a resource hog than anything, else I think Mozilla would have tried it …

or have they? …


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Coffee Cup Half Moons now has an official URL Shortener!

Based on the same engine as and (developed by my web company, geeXmedia).

I plan soon to launch URL shorteners on and


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CIE Surplus — new, richer, e-commerce ready website!

After a year and a half or so of lots of business at geeXmedia, we finally had some time to build a more robust web front-end for CIE Surplus, whose commissioning of ListApp is really what brought about our company.

Anyway, I wanted to highlight the new features.

First of all, the most important enhancement is the ability to buy items directly from the website!  None of the other optimizations we’ve done are worth anything without that functionality.  That means you can buy an awesome steal of a deal from a CIE Surplus eBay auction, proceed to check out using the much-upgraded CIE cart, and pile on a bunch of additional blowout deals right from the site, and pay right there.

You can even specify customer pickup.  What does that mean to people in the northern Virginia, Winchester and Berryville Virginia, and West Virginia eastern panhandle area?  Super deals with no shipping charges!

And for the savvy user, there are RSS feeds to track new inventory from wherever you choose.  They are as follows:

Check it out today!  They can ship to anyone, so even if you’re not stopping by to pick up, you can get some seriously awesome deals.


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Easy labels, easy barcodes =

We’ve finally punched out our first viable product at geeXmedia, and I’m personally proud to say it’s one of the easiest, most convenient label makers on the web.

Just point your JavaScript-enabled, CSS-2.1 compliant browser to

Play around with the demo editor for a bit if you like, but then create an account, confirm your email address, and you’re under way.

You can make any size, shape, orientation label your heart desires — including labels with 128-B barcodes.  Add objects, move them around — make it perfect — even SAVE a label for editing later!  All for FREE!

Then just click print, and you’re done.  Easy labels, easy barcodes,


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