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crimulus’ weekly Twitter updates — 2010-10-17

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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2010-05-30

  • Holding out for a #Suns miracle, but it’d be an immense one. Yay … #Lakers #Celtics … seriously how is that exciting!?! #
  • Dennis Hopper, 1936-2010 #
  • I don’t love you, but rather the nothingness you occupy. Yeah .. love that. Would you mind stepping aside? #
  • Why in movies, when something stabs through the top of a vehicle, it’s always right between driver and passenger? Hint: heads–vulnerable. #
  • Obituary: Gary Coleman dies at 42; child star of hit sitcom ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ – #
  • “Brian Cox: What really goes on at the Large Hadron Collider” Nice crasher course on particle physics! #
  • As life goes, I’m the ocean you’re the pearl. #
  • San Andreas-Like Fault Found in Eastern U.S. : Discovery News #
  • Times Higher Education – Foucault’s pendulum is sent crashing to Earth Pity :\ #
  • ON EDGE ………………… come on 3 points!! #Suns #Lakers #
  • Come on #Suns … another quick rally!! #
  • I need some astrophysicist friends..or a doctorate in astrophysics. I just came up with some cool time-dim ideas but nowhere to bounce them. #
  • “Legendary broadcaster Art Linkletter is dead at 97 –” #
  • “Why create life in a lab?” Definitely a recommendable read!!! #
  • I am a major fan of the #Celtics (ok, I’m just a fan of #KG , but I am so rooting for the #Magic right now. PS Go #Suns #
  • If anyone ever asks, @silverclassics makes the most delicious cream puffs ever. Just ask anyone I work with. ๐Ÿ˜€ #
  • Digtial emergencies + company cookout = very limited time frame for daily productivity. #
  • Two words. Go #Suns #
  • Not sure how I missed this yesterday: “Slipknot bassist [Paul Gray] found dead in Iowa hotel room” #
  • RT @Discovery_News Scientists can now determine the body temperatures of extinct animals, maybe even dinos. #
  • LOST the Summary: Though I’d seen 1 episode, and that helped, here’s what MANY waited 6 years to learn-YVW! #
  • “Give a man a match, and he’ll be warm for a minute, but set him on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.” ~Anon #
  • Well after a month, the yard is now mowed. lol I took my time on it this time so hopefully it will stay nice longer. #

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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2010-01-10

  • My apologies for the earlier … Turrets outburst? ๐Ÿ˜€ I was having a moment …
    ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Fuck the fucking fuckers and their fucking fuckity fuck. #
  • Woohoo … 4 star coins left in stage 3 in #SMB Wii … #
  • RT @YouQuotedQuotes Ignorance is a tough evil to conquer. ~ Sophocles #Quotes #
  • Ever have one of those days where it’s like everyone thinks you’re a serial killer? Yeah me neither … #
  • RT @TheOnion In Focus: Northeast Stunned By Freak January Snowfall #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1992 U.S. President George H.W. Bush vomited into the lap of the Prime Minister of Japan, Kiichi Miyazawa. #
  • Get excited! The Threshold of Omniscience podcast will be listenable tomorrow … look for the notification here at 7pm EST. #
  • RT @silverclassics 15% off and Free Shipping at 28 Sides Designs: #sale #reenactor #costume #chainmaille #
  • RT @Historyday “He who knows best knows how little he knows” – Thomas Jefferson #
  • Hmm..well there are some flubs, weird noises, and screaming baby, and the tone is bassy, but I think it’ll be up Friday for better or worse. #
  • Alright all 10 songs are recorded … now comes the listening to see if they are amply OK to post! #
  • RT @YouQuotedQuotes We make our fortunes, and we call them fate. ~ Earl of Beaconsfield #Quotes #
  • Also be forewarned … I have background singing on some of these recordings (AKA screaming baby) #
  • yeesh … just me and the guitar and these recordings are still giving me fits … am up to #7 though #
  • Making first attempt tonight to record The Threshold of Omniscience … doubt it will get done, but … gotta start somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • RT @Discovery_News BIG PICS: Hubble reveals infant galaxies. See the incredible photos here! #
  • RT @nfl Shanahan will be the 7th diff. head coach for the Redskins since Daniel Snyder took over in 1999 [Uhh..hello??] #
  • RT @historytweeter #history Mona Lisaโ€™s enigmatic smile due to very high cholesterol #
  • RT @NFLfootballinfo Tom Brady has been named the AP 2009 NFL Comeback Player of the Year [more like come-on-his-back player of the year!] #
  • RT @historytweeter #history Remains found of first plane taken to Antarctica #
  • A good read for Joss Whedon fans: #Buffy #Angel #Firefly #Serenity #Dollhouse #
  • rofl! There’s nothing like refocusing one’s priorities [Olympic Hurdler Has Breast Implants Removed to Increase Speed] #
  • RT @Historyday The last legal hanging in the United States took place on this day in 1993 in Washington state. #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1643 Anne & Denis Clarke have the first legal divorce in the American colonies. #
  • #Verizon is the most piss poor, backwards, customer-divorced company that ever existed and needs a F*$KING acid enema !!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • I am up to the first castle on level 3 in the new Super Mario Bros Wii game … hard, but so freaking addictive ……………….. #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1959 Alaska became the forty-ninth U.S. state. #

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So Barack Obama bowed to a foreign minister …

Ok the uproar over this gesture ( is completely out of hand. Conservatives see it as an admission of Middle Eastern sovereignty over the United States. Liberals see it as a simple miscue.

Is it either? Well, it is both, but let’s be reasonable. Does the Saudi King now believe he has absolute sovereignty over the United States? Has he claimed the United States and its possessions into the domain of Saudi Arabia?


It is ignorant to continually dispute things like this. These are dignitaries. They are not gods. That is, they make mistakes, and they realize people from other cultures make mistakes.

I am not 100% convinced that Obama is bowing, because it looks more like he’s bending over to pick up a quarter he dropped or something. However, if he did bow, it was undoubtedly a gesture of good faith. President Obama did not hand the keys of the United States over to King Abdullah. Yes, a bow to that nature in the Muslim culture is a gesture of complete submission. Obama is not a Saudi citizen however, and Abdullah must be accustomed to interacting with people of different cultures. To that point, it is not likely that the Saudi King recognized this gesture as anything but one of good will.

You’ve got to remember. Leaders constantly get immersed in different cultures and have no choice but to be lenient in their interpretations both in spoken and body language. Look at it this way: if King Abdullah would have smacked Obama on the butt like a basketball player in the locker room, would we really think they were good buddies? You can be certain that the first glance interpretation we made of the gesture would be accompanied by a great deal of skepticism and debate.

If the Saudi King believes he has gained any control over the United States, he did so because of the failed policies of our previous, incompetent, arrogant former President. You know, Dubya? He is the most significant cause of our dwindled respect from our worldly observers.

The “terrorist attacks” of September 11th, 2001 occurred approximately 8 months after George W. Bush was inaugurated the 43rd President of the United States of America. Therefore, Bush’s failure to demonstrate a firm stand against the terrorist powers of the world directly led to this attack.

Disagree? Not preventing that attack is equally as at fault for Muslim sovereignty over the United States as Obama’s apparent faux pas.

Get over it, and, instead of nit-picking Obama’s non-godly ability to make mistakes, help us regain respect, not some ill-conceived reverence, in the international community.

We are not THE power, we are a communal power, and everyone is trying to get along.

But that is another entry …


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