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geeXmedia presents eZ labelZ for eBay’s Selling Manager Applications Platform

geeXmedia, LLC has released its eZ labelZ application under eBay’s Selling Manager Applications Platform. eZ labelZ for eBay can quickly convert your eBay item and buyer data into labels, flyers, cards, and more, with easy barcode technology. Its powerful WYSIWYG editor can help you build anything you can imagine.

If you’re an eBay seller, simply click here to add eZ labelZ for eBay to your Selling Manager Application portfolio.


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CIE Surplus — new, richer, e-commerce ready website!

After a year and a half or so of lots of business at geeXmedia, we finally had some time to build a more robust web front-end for CIE Surplus, whose commissioning of ListApp is really what brought about our company.

Anyway, I wanted to highlight the new features.

First of all, the most important enhancement is the ability to buy items directly from the website!  None of the other optimizations we’ve done are worth anything without that functionality.  That means you can buy an awesome steal of a deal from a CIE Surplus eBay auction, proceed to check out using the much-upgraded CIE cart, and pile on a bunch of additional blowout deals right from the site, and pay right there.

You can even specify customer pickup.  What does that mean to people in the northern Virginia, Winchester and Berryville Virginia, and West Virginia eastern panhandle area?  Super deals with no shipping charges!

And for the savvy user, there are RSS feeds to track new inventory from wherever you choose.  They are as follows:

Check it out today!  They can ship to anyone, so even if you’re not stopping by to pick up, you can get some seriously awesome deals.


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Days 2 & 3, eBay DevCon 09

So days 2 and 3 of ebaydevcon09 seemed very uneventful compared to previous DevCons (Chicago and Boston).  eBay played it very low key, and mainly just used it to press the selling manager applications platform to those who aren’t already knee-deep in it (such as me).

A lot of the talks focused on SMApps and how to monetize your applications there, so that was helpful, but, frankly, I got more out of networking with other developers and eBayers than the talks and presentations themselves.

We cut day 2 of the conference short (The first day wasn’t actually part of the conference) and did a little tour of San Fran by car — saw quite a bit for just a few short hours.  We drove over the Golden Gate, then drove all the shore-roads all around the bay.

There were some pretty cool communities and views — definitely worth the drive.

I have uploaded pictures here:

and here:

Sorry it is so short, but it’s taken me forever just to write this anyway.  Maybe the pictures will be more descriptive.  😀


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Day 1 of eBay DevCon 2009 plus a little tour of Northern California!

Corresponding pictures for this blog are available here:

My business partner Chris and I have made our 3rd voyage to eBay DevCon, this year in wonderful San Jose in northern California (where the girls are warm so I could hear my sweet baby say … ).

We flew in last night, Jet Blue flight 317 direct from Washington Dulles to Oakland International.  Oddly enough, Chris’ neighbor Tooland happened to be the pilot, and he hooked us up with a free Heineken — yeah baby.  Anyway, it was a very long 6 hour flight (it was only 6 hours 23 minutes in the air when I flew to Paris from Philly), and we had some rocky air with a little detour as there were t-storms and tornadoes in Kansas.

We touched down at around 9pm local time (12am EST) and headed over to Budget Rental where we picked up our awesome Kia compact POS.  🙂  Actually, it’s not too bad — good turning radius and small — hard for all the crazy California drivers to smash into.  We got to the hotel at 10:30 or so and proceeded to pass out.

So here we are in beautiful San Jose.  Well, cities are just cities, and, being the tree fanatic that I am, we had to visit the redwoods.  We got up early this morning — 6:30 or so, and decided to make our way to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park.  Now, for whatever reason, we put “shortest distance” into the GPS instead of “fastest time,” and we ended up on California route 35 — heading across the mountains on one of the steepest, windiest, but most scenic roads, I could have ever imagined.  I got some awesome pics of northern California vegetation, and, finally, about 2 hours later, we got to the park.

Now let me tell you, the coastal redwoods surprised me.  For all that they are huge, in the grand scheme of things, they really don’t seem all that large.  Really, a 300ft tall tree is only as tall as a football is long.  Gargantuan for a tree, yes, but in the grand scheme of things, they just feel like another tree — just ones that dwarf any big tree we have back east.  That being said, they are so tall and straight, they are kind of modest.  If a broad, bushy oak grew 300ft tall with a 200ft wide crown, I doubt I could relate to the perspective of such a tree being so modest.

From the park, we made our way to Santa Cruz so we could at least see the Pacific ocean.  We spent a little time at Seabright beach, and ate at a nice little place on the wharf named Aldo’s.  Apparently Guy Fieri ate there once.  The burger was delicious, and we had a little European Starling join us for a bite.  We named him Fred, and we were the best of buds.

From there, we headed back up route 17 to the eBay campus here in San Jose to listen to Madhu Gupta and company present the basic ins and outs of the new eBay selling manager pro applications platform.

General high points:

  • eBay items trade at a velocity of $2000/second
  • Some eBay sellers might put more trust in third party apps if they appeared to be hosted by eBay
  • eBay decided to make a platform where third party developers could integrate with eBay in a smart iframe or in hosted HTML
  • They will use the open gadgets specification
  • This will launch in August

Now, we have already developed our first application for this platform.  It is eZ labelZ for eBay, and it is a variation on our site — geared to provide great integration with the already present eBay APIs so that sellers can print functional labels for their items.

Since we have been involved in the project since the alpha, most information was nothing new, but it was good to get a concrete overview.

Afterwards was “Happy Hour” with free beer and hors-d’oeuvres, and some networking.  We had some great chats with some eBay personnel, especially the documentation team, and well, what can I say?  Free beer.

So now we’re back at the hotel and I have hundreds of pics to parse through.  Hopefully they will appear on Facebook tonight and I will link them here.


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Out of respect for the current state of the economy

In January of 2008, I very adamantly stated that there was not really a recession. It simply happened to be the case that everyone started freaking out, so the hot catch phrase “this economy” was splattered all over the new like cricket guts. (Ok not my best poetry, but I wanted to talk about cricket guts.)

Anyway, that made people think “Oh god oh god we’re all going to die,” so they stopped spending money. Bam–recession! Ok so we were a month into it at that point, but I still believe what I was saying. It really is nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy.

Ultimate point? Worrying about having a recession is what pushed us into a recession. Self fulfilling prophecy …

Well, oil had a big part of it too, but my fingers don’t feel like walking through that tonight.

So anyway, Cecily (my wife) and I watched the Oscars or Academy Awards (some award show whose only point is to show off how little substance one can have in one’s life) a few nights ago … I guess more like a few weeks ago now. At any rate, some actress or singer or otherwise overly adored young lady (old lady?) was being interviewed about something or other, and the topic of her relatively plain dress came up. So, quite politically, she said that many of that community were scaling back this year out of respect for the current economy — not to flaunt their wealth in the face of many doing without.

So my first reaction, of course, was that just saying that was flaunting. Fact is, those of us without money don’t care how much you spend on your dress. It really doesn’t matter. I’m not going to watch the television and see some rich actress dressing down and think “Yeah, wow things are really getting better.”

Fact is, that “plain ole dress” still probably cost more than I make a week.

Frankly, again, I really don’t care. Wear what you want.

Astonishingly, Cecily totally one-upped me by making a point I hadn’t even considered.

“Now is the time you SHOULD be spending.” If YOU who HAVE the money SPEND, those of us WITHOUT money (most likely the ones making the dresses, pumping out fabric in factories, etc.) benefit, and bam now we have money to send to DirecTV so that we can waste our time watching dumbass awards shows.

I digress, of course, but there is your case in point. Spend the damn money people! The economy is just the same as it has been, just a percentage of people don’t have jobs, probably because people aren’t buying expensive hand made dresses, right?

Anyway, on a side note, the dumbass leader of the MPAA challenged Mr. Obama to create a cabinet position for the Arts … Is it just me or does this guy have the same idea factory that comes up with ad campaigns for eBay?

Ok ranting complete …


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