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Band Of Brothers

So Cecily and I started watching Band of Brothers the other night (Yeah ok so we’re a little behind).  We’re only about half way through, but I wanted to note a few things.

  1. The old guys (apparent actual war vets) are in many cases eerily similar in mannerisms and presentation as the characters in the movie … I don’t know if this was intentional or serendipitous, but I’m sure it’s a little of both.
  2. It is amazing how many scenes I watch and think “wow this is an unbelievably realistic Call of Duty cut scene”
  3. It is terribly humbling thinking about how profound of an experience — how deep of a cause it was for these guys to contribute to, and many of them were only there for a few months.  It certainly makes me think any of my accomplishments (none of which I really consider laudable anyway) as futile.
  4. Unbelievable cinematography, directing, acting.
  5. COMPLAINT: No English subtitles … I have grown quite accustomed to being able to turn on English subtitles and not worry about missing words being spoken, names, etc.  There are also no French subtitles (which have historically been an ample substitute being that I speak French).  The Spanish subtitles do help, but because I can’t really read all of the Spanish fast enough, they are more of a distraction.  I just rewind and turn them on when I need to see what name someone said (it is definitely helpful in those scenes).  Tip to all people who put a movie on DVD/Blu-Ray/whatever — INCLUDE ENGLISH SUBTITLES.
  6. I am a bit ashamed that I know Richard Speight, Jr. more as The Trickster from Supernatural than his much more esteemable role of Sgt. Muck in this …

I may post more if I have reactions to the second half (no doubt I will … until then,


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A few thoughts on How To Train Your Dragon

Cecily and I saw this last night as a double feature (paired with Iron Man 2) at The Family Drive In Theatre in Stephens City Virginia.  Short and simple — great movie. The plot was intriguing and somewhat surprising (not like EUREKA! but Oooooh … interesting). Had all the appropriate elements, but most importantly, it kept me interested.

Summary: a young boy growing up in a village of dragon-slaying Vikings is neither strong enough to slay a dragon, nor eager to do so. In fact, he befriends one, and eventually is able to reveal things to both the dragons and the Vikings that neither knew.

Good date film, good kids film, and good manly man film as long as you don’t tell anyone how much you love it (and I loved it!). 😉


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A few thoughts on Iron Man 2 (Review)

Cecily and I went to see Iron Man 2 at The Family Drive In Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia (not necessarily relevant, but I thought I would mention). Actually, the film was paired with How To Train Your Dragon (film) — very good pair. Anyway, I wanted to jot a few notes/give a small review (and this should be fairly brief).

Overall it was a fair to good movie — certain it would have been just as good as the first had it actually been the first. That being said, in my opinion it went a little over the top with the cheese/tongue-in-cheek/comic book cliche. The biggest example to me is the pepper spray scene. While funny, the timing was very awkward and it really kind of cheapened the scene.

Best line of the movie? (paraphrased) “Excuse me I’m fighting off a Hammer-Roid attack.” 😀 That is good stuff!

Also another major high point? Scarlett Johansson in tight leather (a la Uma Thurman — The Avengers) and a very hot hairdo.

So while the movie didn’t wow me, it was actually very good, just familiar and so it didn’t excite me, but it’s certainly worth seeing, and I would definitely see it again.

And the icing of the experience was when our two-year-old son woke up at the end of the movie (when AC/DC was playing over the credits) and very sleepily headbanged and rocked out. 🙂


Oh and if anyone else wondered what they found in the teaser at the end of the credits, apparently it was the Hammer of Thor.


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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2010-02-07

  • Ok it is impossible to beat Bowser
    lol … #smbwii Finally almost done level 8 — just Bowser and the last star coin to go. #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1971 astronaut Alan Shepard hit 3 golf balls on the moon. #
  • We are at about 25-26" … #
  • Well over a foot now … I'm predicting 30 by the time it's over 🙁 #
  • RT @shitmydadsays Don't mess with him..Trust me, you don't f* with a man that sleeps next to a woman he never screws. They're unpredictable. #
  • Six inches on the ground already … just shoveled the driveway though … so that's at least 6" I won't have to do tomorrow … #
  • RT @YouQuotedQuotes A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized that no one owes me anything. ~ Harry Browne #Quotes #
  • Incroyable! Le grand succès mondiale de "Etude Du Thé" est arrivé sur YouTube #
  • RT @factlets Astronauts repaired the Space Shuttle with duct tape. #ISS Video: #
  • Yes … Cecily just had #Moulin Rouge on and I learned the chords to "Come What May" … *ashamed* not quite my song vocally though lol #
  • Yes … Cecily just had #Moulin Rouge on and I learned the chords to it … *ashamed* not quite my song vocally though lol #
  • Does anyone else think it's awesome that #Nutella comes in a big container now? 😀 #
  • What is it about putting shopping carts into the very convenient corrals that causes peoples' IQ to drop below 0? #
  • RT @vanadaar Students get creative with chants. "suck my Dixon." #wvu #
  • @silverclassics I probably could … would take some trial & error … in reply to silverclassics #
  • @vanadaar Wow what a difference! #
  • geeXmedia's recent partnership with them is mentioned in today's Winchester Star article about "all video and sound." #
  • RT @cnnbrk Medical journal Lancet fully retracts 1998 study linking MMR vaccine to autism. #
  • RT @PJA64X Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness. — James Thurber #
  • "Outside, green is the best color." "I never thought of it that way, but, when you do think of it, it's quite a thought." (Life With Father) #
  • In the hotel in Morgantown … #

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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2009-12-13

  • What many of us already knew about dirt and babies 😉 via @History_Geek #
  • Ok apparently this is the year where I miss everything I shoot at less than 100 yds away :\ #
  • Highly advisable to build a new Firefox profile from scratch periodically … finally … the speed hath returned! #
  • If anyone is looking for some new years plans, Town Crier (my band) is playing at the Shen. Farms Fire Hall ( FREE! BYOB, ) #
  • RT @Discovery_News Why do (most) women like to ´shop til they drop´? Evolution could be at play [Obvious, but interesting] #
  • CIE Rasmus auction inspection today (3 Cattlemans Ln, Berryville VA behind the car wash), bidding ends Monday. #
  • Facebook, please make up your mind which order the notifications are going to appear in …. !!! #
  • RT @NFL @NFLfootballinfo: 4 clubs have won 100 regular-season games this decade…Indy (113), NE (109), Phil (100) & Pitt (100) #
  • Jon Stewart, you are about as awesome as it gets!! LOL [Jon Stewart
    Takes On Glenn Beck And Gold | Online | Mediaite] #
  • @mediaite Your videos don’t seem to ever play any sound in Firefox on Linux. in reply to mediaite #
  • Ok interesting start to the day … I just found one of Cecily’s hair elastics in my freakin’ sock. #
  • Ok the kitchen is awesomely clean for the first time since we bought this house! (in 2007) #
  • Anyone got song suggestions for this week’s podcast? I am coming up cover, one of my own. Need starting point? #
  • RT @YouQuotedQuotes He who would leap high must take a long run. ~ Danish Proverb #Quotes #
  • Pour mes amis francophones en recherche d’emploi: Wiki traduction, etc. #
  • @silverclassics LOL Those rock, but they are so small! I wish the were like 3-4″ cube instead of 1 3/8″ #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1938 filming for Gone with The Wind began. #historyday #
  • RT @factlets MIT scientists find that trees are natural batteries with a sustained potential of 50-200mV. #
  • Eeek … bad roads … but somehow I made it through and across the mountain! #
  • I’m currently whistling the Monty Python & the Holy Grail theme and clacking two half coconuts together. #
  • RT @YouQuotedQuotes Two things a man should never be angry at: What he can help, and what he cannot help. ~ Thomas Fuller #
  • I now have 24 Google #Wave invites, so if you want one, let me know (I guess they are a dime a dozen these days) #
  • If wherever you go, there you are, why the heck is the question “How the F*CK did I get here?!?!” ringing in my head … hmm? #
  • <– Oh yeah, I am a basketball god. ….. well, without the awesome skills and athleticism. #
  • @silverclassics By the terminology here: I’m pretty convinced you’d need authorization from the estate if it took off. #
  • Kudos #Diane Savino … First I’d heard of this, but exceedingly well said: #
  • RT @Historyday “This is a videotape! They did not score again! They did not score again!” – instant replay debuts on TV on this day in 1963. #
  • RT @nfl @NFLfootballinfo: With Colts & Saints wins today, there are two 12-0 teams in same season for 1st time in NFL histor #
  • RT @HistoryTweet December 6, 1768 – the first edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica was published. #

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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2009-11-22

  • Hmm … missed first deer of the season :\ #
  • RT @pupilproverbs Me: "There are only 17 school days before Christmas." Student: "Christmas is coming early this year?!" #
  • RT @PJA64X Of what use is a philosopher who doesn´t hurt anybody´s feelings? — Diogenes of Sinope #
  • Embroidered #chanukah #gift card holder! #
  • Interesting: The #Panthers are the only #NFL team never to beat the #Dolphins #stats #
  • OMFG !! #NEWMOON !!!!!!!! I'm so excited !!!!!!!! Oh, for a minute there I forgot that I don't actually care … lol #
  • Why can't anything ever go according to the gorram plan … :\ #Firefly Replaced the server UPS's this morning, major fail #
  • RT @pupilproverbs "Isn´t Black Friday when black people steal things from the stores?" #
  • RT @NFLfootballinfo Teams attempted 303 4th down conversions in ´09, that´s most thru 10 weeks since at least 1990 (273, 1995) #
  • * "That is a great summary of the song too … it is really nice to see other people get out of it what I put in…" #
  • * "Awesome! I saw that a copy sold to someone in Baker, and I wondered who it was 🙂 I am really glad you like …" #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. #history #
  • Very cool gift idea: Embroidered gift card holder/ornament #
  • Song #7 for Threshold complete: Have you fanned me yet? #
  • RT @pupilproverbs "Miss, would you drink pee for $200? I would!" #
  • RT @Funfacts On September 13th, 1899, Henry Bliss was the first pedestrian killed by car in North America. It was an electric car. #
  • RT @Discovery_News A star like ours mysteriously ballooned 1,000 times its size in 2002, and now it´s gone. #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1966 Dodgers ace Sandy Koufax retired from baseball at the age of 30 due to arthritis. #history #
  • "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." ~Carl Sagan #quotes #
  • RT @PJA64X There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress. — Mark Twain || LOL Love Mark Twain #
  • Livin on the moon is like livin … somewhere you've never been cause no one's ever lived on the moon ya fool … You're just a fool! #
  • Check out @pupilproverbs She's just starting twitter, but she has great insight from her #teaching experiences #quotes #students #proverbs #
  • @NFLfootballinfo Is there a compilation anywhere of the #Dolphins stats (w/l) against undefeated teams (esp. compared to other teams)? #
  • @MiamiDolphins Is there a compilation anywhere of the #Dolphins stats (w/l) against undefeated teams (esp. compared to other teams)? #
  • RT @YOUQUOTEDQUOTES Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump; you may be freeing him from being a camel. ~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton #
  • RT @YOUQUOTEDQUOTES I owe much to my friends; but, all things considered, it strikes me that I owe even more to my enemies. ~ Unknown #
  • Oh, and the #Dolphins won 16-13 in OT #
  • Fascinating! John Lennon was shot during a #MNF game between the #Pats and the #Dolphins #
  • @silverclassics Typical time … probably 6:30-7:00 #
  • @silverclassics Bobby just called–Bryan can't make it tonight so we're moving practice to Thursday (just letting you know I'd be home) #
  • @ewg118 Not exactly..that pack also had different fonts and sounds I think, but I found several that are just as good..
    maybe some better #
  • @ewg118 Hey glad to see you on Twitter! Check out what Ifinally found: (quake 2 cursor paks) in reply to ewg118 #
  • @NBA I'll lob u dis ball, no need 2 try, can u fly? S'just patience dat's all, no need 2 fear, I am all alone up here! #
  • RT @nprpolitics Byrd To Break Tenure Record On Wednesday #
  • Currently upgrading to #karmic (ubuntu 9.10) … Here's to hoping nothing breaks … *kerchunk* DOH #
  • Is anyone else blown away by the fact that #LawAndOrder has been on the air for 20 years? #
  • Fly if I fly, the ages cry … (Check out this week's podcast version of "Walls of a Dream") #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1800 the U.S. Congress held their first session in Washington D.C., in the partially completed Capitol bldg. #
  • RT @QuoteDaily "If you refuse to be made straight when you are green, you will not be made straight when you are dry." – African Proverb #
  • * Fortunately I know someone on the transplant committee at Lucy's General Hospital in St. Louis, MO … * lol #
  • Butterfly kisses all night long, and death in the day …. Kiss me baby before I die .. come back to life and haunt your dreams … #
  • Finally back up after wasting over half the day "upgrading" computers … still only 3 screens working .. F*@K #xorg #
  • We just got a deep freeze, so now I'm clear to wreak havoc on the deer population!! (Purchased in necessity rather than ability to afford..) #
  • The temporarily island I just installed in the kitchen: Made entirely from government surplus 😀 #
  • Cecily makes some of the most awesome caramel/taffy candy … #

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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2009-11-15

  • If anyone out there *happens* to be looking for an x-mas present for me & Cecily (well, mostly me), look no further: #
  • RT @Funfacts The ´awkward´ musical note F# was called the "devil´s note" and at one point was banned by the church. #
  • @silverclassics Tonight sometime … after dark most likely #
  • Ahh … very refreshed after a 2 and a half hour nap 🙂 #
  • *on location at the LAN #
  • On location at the land … thanks to the rain :\ #
  • Something else to check out if you haven't yet #
  • @vanadaar lol Once I get this "album" done I'm working on, I'm going to just start writing silly songs like that–write with no grand scheme #
  • Hmm..well I was going to write at least another song tonight, but it's not coming. Guess I better prepare for tree cutting tomorrow! #
  • @silverclassics Already on the thumb drive. #
  • discover that we live in a universe which permits the evolution of molecular machines as intricate and subtle as we. ~C Sagan #
  • If you have not checked this out, and you like music or science at all, you need to! #
  • RT @TheOnion In Focus: Steven Tyler Laid Off From Aerosmith As Band´s Jobless Rate Hits 20% #
  • "I was born on this mountain, and I'm gonna die on this mountain. And!" –Viney Butler to Earl Giddens in #Songcatcher #quotes #
  • @silverclassics Love it! But the quote is "gotta pull" not "better pull" and I think songcatcher quotes would make great potholders! (©?) #
  • * "lol Of course …" #
  • * "I thought I would mention that …" #
  • If you were a mermaid [Background: If I was a mermaid] Would you let me date you? (Not for the faint of heart lol) #
  • * "Well, we are just getting started … once we tighten…" #
  • * "Thanks :)It's getting pretty old now, but great songs are suppos…" #
  • * "I'm not entirely sure I get my lyrics all the time ei…" #
  • * "Yeah I've always had a fondness for this one too. Fun to play…" #
  • RT @Historyday Washington became the 42nd state on this day in 1889. #history #
  • @silverclassics Is the D20 filled in? Hard to tell in the picture, but I am assuming if it is 8500 stitches then yes … ? #
  • D20 Embroidery Machine Design — from 28 Sides Designs #geekery #embroidery #
  • "God" = "That which I do not understand." #
  • @silverclassics Read the first paragraph (line 3) under "Biography" … Finn, physicist? 🙂 #
  • This song is called "Godzilla … ate my mother" (in parentheses) #
  • RT @politico We shouldn´t be attacking our own #Steele #RNC #Whitman [All I can say is abso-freaking-lutely right] #
  • @TXCUPCAKE Oops — didnt mean to RT 😀 #
  • RT @TXCUPCAKE @KARLROVE #twitterivia Yeah, but I forgot to put the second VP G. Clinton … #
  • @KARLROVE #twitterivia Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1801-March 4, 1809, Aaron Burr #
  • This site is one of the coolest projects I've seen in a while: #
  • This is a little cheesy, but somehow so very harmonic, euphoric #
  • "You know who else diddn't answer medical questions? Hitler." -Jon Stewart #
  • @vanadaar Did you get a #wave invite? I got on and it showed you a contact, so I sent you a wave..making sure you got it? #
  • @silverclassics Yeah it's ok … but I would never drink it if there were a caffeinated alternative 🙂 But it has nice character for decaf. #
  • I am drinking a cup of #decaf, and somehow, it's actually not bad. Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf K-Cup #
  • If there were a solo for everyone, no one would need a tommy gun. #
  • RT @TheOnion Poll: 100% Of Grandsons Talented #
  • @silverclassics White, and yes!! #
  • Maybe you can stop on by and have a piece of pumpkin pie I think you would like it … #

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Black Swan Vineyards 2006 Shiraz & Merlot 70%/30% Blend

So this particular saturday night I ended up with a bottle of the 2006 70% Shiraz, 30% Merlot red wine blend from Black Swan Vineyards, southeastern Australia.

My rating?  4.5 stars out of 5.

It is excellent at a slightly elevated, Virginia summer room temperature.  An incredibly velvety smooth berry and grape texture, followed by just the hint of a pointed tart and a molasses laced finish note and a subtle enough smoky bouquet that you can ignore it if you like.  After all, the smoked barrel lost its edge about 20 years ago.  (-0.2 stars).

The major down side?  Nothing amazing (-0.3 stars), but it’s perfect for this night.

Cecily says it goes well with Fudge Stripe cookies.


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Out of respect for the current state of the economy

In January of 2008, I very adamantly stated that there was not really a recession. It simply happened to be the case that everyone started freaking out, so the hot catch phrase “this economy” was splattered all over the new like cricket guts. (Ok not my best poetry, but I wanted to talk about cricket guts.)

Anyway, that made people think “Oh god oh god we’re all going to die,” so they stopped spending money. Bam–recession! Ok so we were a month into it at that point, but I still believe what I was saying. It really is nothing more than a self fulfilling prophecy.

Ultimate point? Worrying about having a recession is what pushed us into a recession. Self fulfilling prophecy …

Well, oil had a big part of it too, but my fingers don’t feel like walking through that tonight.

So anyway, Cecily (my wife) and I watched the Oscars or Academy Awards (some award show whose only point is to show off how little substance one can have in one’s life) a few nights ago … I guess more like a few weeks ago now. At any rate, some actress or singer or otherwise overly adored young lady (old lady?) was being interviewed about something or other, and the topic of her relatively plain dress came up. So, quite politically, she said that many of that community were scaling back this year out of respect for the current economy — not to flaunt their wealth in the face of many doing without.

So my first reaction, of course, was that just saying that was flaunting. Fact is, those of us without money don’t care how much you spend on your dress. It really doesn’t matter. I’m not going to watch the television and see some rich actress dressing down and think “Yeah, wow things are really getting better.”

Fact is, that “plain ole dress” still probably cost more than I make a week.

Frankly, again, I really don’t care. Wear what you want.

Astonishingly, Cecily totally one-upped me by making a point I hadn’t even considered.

“Now is the time you SHOULD be spending.” If YOU who HAVE the money SPEND, those of us WITHOUT money (most likely the ones making the dresses, pumping out fabric in factories, etc.) benefit, and bam now we have money to send to DirecTV so that we can waste our time watching dumbass awards shows.

I digress, of course, but there is your case in point. Spend the damn money people! The economy is just the same as it has been, just a percentage of people don’t have jobs, probably because people aren’t buying expensive hand made dresses, right?

Anyway, on a side note, the dumbass leader of the MPAA challenged Mr. Obama to create a cabinet position for the Arts … Is it just me or does this guy have the same idea factory that comes up with ad campaigns for eBay?

Ok ranting complete …


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