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geeXmedia presents eZ labelZ for eBay’s Selling Manager Applications Platform

geeXmedia, LLC has released its eZ labelZ application under eBay’s Selling Manager Applications Platform. eZ labelZ for eBay can quickly convert your eBay item and buyer data into labels, flyers, cards, and more, with easy barcode technology. Its powerful WYSIWYG editor can help you build anything you can imagine.

If you’re an eBay seller, simply click here to add eZ labelZ for eBay to your Selling Manager Application portfolio.


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Quickly duplicate a barcode!

Fairly often in inventory circles, you just need to take a barcode  label you have and duplicate it to put on another item.  The quickest way to do so is on the Instant Barcode Duplicator by geeXmedia!  Just navigate to and scan the barcode into the box.  You can even add a title.

It currently supports 2″x1″ and 3″x1″ labels as well as label rotation.  And, if you need further barcode abilities, there is a full featured WYSIWYG label/barcode creator at

Currently only 128-B 1D style barcodes are supported, as it supports both numbers and letters, as well as some symbols, but it’s quick, and it will work for almost any application.


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Easy labels, easy barcodes =

We’ve finally punched out our first viable product at geeXmedia, and I’m personally proud to say it’s one of the easiest, most convenient label makers on the web.

Just point your JavaScript-enabled, CSS-2.1 compliant browser to

Play around with the demo editor for a bit if you like, but then create an account, confirm your email address, and you’re under way.

You can make any size, shape, orientation label your heart desires — including labels with 128-B barcodes.  Add objects, move them around — make it perfect — even SAVE a label for editing later!  All for FREE!

Then just click print, and you’re done.  Easy labels, easy barcodes,


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