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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2009-11-09

  • Check out #
  • Why would we wanna end the song?? #
  • I would have about 40 less gray hairs if someone had told me sooner that you need to file the drags down on your chainsaw chain too lol #duh #
  • The proper way to discuss politics? 😀 #
  • LOL #
  • Podcast for this week is up! There’s a special treat … #
  • RT @Historyday On this day in 1861 Jefferson Davis was elected president of the Confederate States of America. #history #
  • #quotesfromunwrittenmovies “Bitter? I took bitter to breakfast and shot it in the fucking head.” #
  • Awesome … someone was taking retribution on my awesome poet pic 😀 #
  • @silverclassics Why can’t we just use the bread you made the other day? Would go great with chili #
  • Oh yeah, it’s a lock on double digits! (10 Fans lol) #
  • RT @TheOnion Overburdened Dept. Of Health And Human Services Cancels Flu Season *Thank goodness* #
  • If you’ve never heard my song “Lucky Town,” check it out here: and leave comments to let me know what you think! #
  • Dolphins pull out a season sweep of the Jets with … uh less than 200 yd total offense? wth … #
  • RT @Funfacts Historically, gold coins had ridges on their edge to detect people shaving small pieces off their edges. #

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Reaction: ABC’s John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama’s anti-American ‘Health Care’ Plan (YouTube)

You know I’m really not for meddling with the system at all, but basically that video says “America can’t do it because England and Canada did it, and it doesn’t work, and there’s no way we could do it better.”

It also, in lieu of building a socialized medical system, justifies charging patients $5 for an aspirin because they need that money for innovations to improve trauma technology availability, cancer treatments, MRIs, etc.

So basically, the costs of all those innovations get distributed among everyone, even people not using it.

How is that not already a socialized system? So can’t America, the land of great innovation do it better? If not … well that’s a sad forecast.

I mean would a single payer system with incentives not solve the problem too? The title of this video is hardly accurate …

The video talks about how Obama purportedly is building a single payer system (this is purely conjecture), then it goes on to conclude that such a single payer system couldn’t work because Canada and England can’t make it work. It “destroys/pulverizes/crushes” a theoretical Obama “‘health care’ plan” that doesn’t even exist on the grounds that there’s no way America could implement a system better than Canada or England …



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Twitter weekly updates by crimulus for 2009-09-20

  • RT @PJA64X If you clean the floor with love, you have done an invisible painting. — Osho #
  • Had a great idea for a website yesterday … then found out it was already done lol Oh well … maybe I can do it too. #
  • RT @PJA64X If man makes himself a worm he must not complain when he is trodden on. — Immanuel Kant #
  • Had a good time helping dad with FInn’s new bed, good steak & potato dinner + shooting the shit. 😀 #
  • It is aggravating–just 9 years ago we had a record surplus, diminishing debt (half what it is now). I suppose bickering will get it back. #
  • US Economy: Velocity Of Money And M1 Multiplier Paint A Mixed Picture A good read for those interested in #economics #
  • I maintain that this the US teeters on the verge of civil war: two sides avoiding change and resolution by simply blaming the other side. #
  • I maintain that this the US teeters on the verge of civil war: two sides avoiding change by blaming the other side. #
  • I find it interesting that right wingers and left wingers both complain about government greed and power hunger … #
  • #fascism is a society of natural selection. The best suited to control get to control — the strongest (best suited) survive. #
  • #federalism certainly sounds nice, but it is, in effect, unity through division. #
  • #anarchy would also be pretty nice, if humans would learn to indulge in personal contentment. #
  • #utopia is making the best of whatever restrictions you inherited at birth. #
  • #libertarianism would be wonderful if there weren’t always someone trying to screw up what you have. #
  • #communism is, by definition, fair, but it does little to promote human curiosity and advancement, as there is no incentive to progress. #
  • #capitalism is supposed to be fair, but it must start as utopia to ensure no one has an exploitable advantage. Fairness must be regulated. #
  • Human biology as the parts of speech: period, colon, semi-colon (post-colorectomy), coma? lol hhmmmm #
  • You can never 100% trust anything you read in the news, and that, obviously, includes Fox News #
  • How Much Poop Does America Flush? #
  • RT @silverclassics 28 Sides Designs & Crafts on Artfire #
  • @silverclassics I saw your update to artfire–very nice. Relates to your campaigns — how to keep info/images synchronized on multiple sites #
  • Too Good to Check? by @factcheckdotorg Unsubstianted, unverified claims make it into presidential speeches too … #
  • RT @YOUQUOTEDQUOTES Happiness is enhanced by others, but does not depend upon others. Unknown #
  • I am deeply enraptured by the rich history of the US, and yet I am awed realizing that it’s dwarfed by that of the rest of the world. #
  • Not that @MMFA is particularly unbiased, but this article brings up a dire point. Stop the hatred, get on with resolution #
  • RT @wceberly 233 yrs today, Sept 18 1776, General George Washington reports to Congress on Battle of Harlem Heights, NY #
  • As someone who believes in making accusations when the facts are all in, this could be exactly what is needed RE: #ACORN #
  • WOW 72 years on television … ending. Seems pretty historical in a way. #
  • RT @PJA64X Nick Vujicic: You Can Get Back Up! If this video doesn´t inspire you, you are either blind or dead! #
  • “By one count, Bush had 36 czar positions filled by 46 people during his eight years as president.” [Wash. Post, 9/16/09] #
  • A likely 47-million-year-old missing evolutionary link (Ida the lemur): Aweeessssoooooommmmmeee. #
  • US Constitution S5P2: “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior …” #
  • RT @thewordoftheday 17/9 – fulgurant (/ˈfʌlgyərənt/) – adj: flashing like lightning. #
  • “Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy.” -Robert Heinlein #
  • I should correct my last post, we are actually much further down the Rahn curve, but it’s certainly intriguing to examine the concept. #
  • Gov’t spending and its effects on econ. growth: Note how US spending teeters consistently at the peak: #
  • 1% of Americans are in jail. <0.1% of ACORN chapters are under fraud investigation. Is ACORN ahead of the curve? #
  • Despite the slander, a LOT of honest people work at ACORN with good intentions, and this is a demonstration of it. #
  • Pretty obvious, but if you want to have an opinion, you need to make sure you understand it. That is true for everyone. #
  • @thecuriousmind you have great posts but just way too many lol … unfollowing for now #
  • Great page for photographers and animal enthusiasts: #
  • @foxnews Sorry, but you have as many posts as everyone else I’m following combined … too much clutter, must unfollow. #
  • RT @adamostrow LOL – (via @jbruin) #
  • This may be the most relevant-to-me scientific discovery of the last 50 years lol AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!! #
  • “You meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it” – Carl Jung #
  • While I have theorized the racism concept myself, it’s a difficult sell, and it surprised me Carter brought it up. #
  • How to mix positive and negative, skepticism and encouragement without beheading the other side. #WaPo (Health Care Math) #
  • While the article has right-leaning jabs and some bias, and I historically dislike the author — WOW well said #ctwhitman #
  • 2 mil on 9/12? No. Not even close. However it clearly had an impact on negating public support gains. #
  • Public plan isn’t possible – Bob Franken Ouch … scathing commentary, but well reasoned. #
  • What a constructive approach yields in reference to ACORN: #
  • Point/counterpoint is not the same as pomp/contortion. If you’re going to argue a point, try to absorb this rather simple philosophy. #
  • @adamostrow Ellipses … should .. be … used … any … time … even … be … tween … the … occasional … sylla … ble. #
  • The 3 i’s of pending civil breakdown: Ignorance, Intolerance, and Inaction. If any one is present, complete failure is nigh. #
  • The disdain growing toward gov’t–a CONSTITUTIONALLY elected gov’t–is a lack of trust in the charter itself. Don’t blame them. Blame you. #
  • A fair boiling down of the Health Care conundrum … This is what Congress gets paid to think about, so think think think #
  • Hmm … strangely controversial? A little self centered, but it’s the freakin HOF — it IS all about him. #MJ #Jordan #
  • Call Obama’s bluff: The voice of reason takes many forms, and this is certainly exemplary of the best of those forms. #
  • RT @factcheckdotorg Q: Did Obama order creation of a postage stamp to honor a Muslim holiday? A: #
  • A reasonable excuse to reasonably evaluate your opinions of government: #
  • @vanadaar GRAAHH I hate the pats ….. 🙁 Oh well plenty of season left. in reply to vanadaar #
  • Patrick Swayze was seriously 57 years old?!?! Crazy … still young, but wow I always thought he was closer to me in age. (I’m 30) #
  • Personally, “You lie” is over for me, but this article: gives a great summation of tempers in Congress! Notice 1856. #
  • @silverclassics Just think about how great it will be when it is done! #
  • Philosophy in 140 characters or less is a challenge, but an excellent exercise in the art of succinctness. #
  • In the ideal capitalism, everyone works and succeeds equally. In the ideal communism, everyone has what they need. Neither ideal exists. #
  • @JIMMYFALLON Here’s one: Why is it the vehement approach to being against Obama’s plan is to abandon health care reform altogether? #
  • “You lie” RT @factcheckdotorg – Immigrants and Insurance: How HR 3200 affects Illegal Immigrants #
  • “If the great American people will only keep their temper, on both sides of the line, the trouble will come to an end” -Abraham Lincoln 1861 #
  • “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” -Samuel Adams #
  • [The Civil War] “It was not the salvation of the Union; it was the rebirth of the Union.” – Woodrow Wilson, 1915 : Is it coming again? #
  • OMG You’re a sparkly vampire — it’s my birthday — kiss me ! LOL #
  • Why is it people can’t accept that two people who love their country equally can disagree? Why must they hate each other … E Pluribus Unum #
  • Thank you #excedrin for salvaging the last few hours of a head throbbing day :\ #
  • RT @GStephanopoulos Pawlenty Backs Off Nullification <– Just demonstrating that you can disagree without attacking. #
  • The fall of the US won’t be the fault of social reforms or unnecessary wars. It will come from the intolerance and ignorance of its people. #

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