crimulus’ weekly Twitter updates — 2012-04-15

April 15
  • .RT @TheOnion: Rod Stewart Mistaken For Elderly Aunt #
  • .RT @cnnbrk: Bubba Watson won the #Masters Tournament in sudden death playoff against Louis Oosthuizen. #
  • This Exists: ABC News Report On Teenage Girls Who Have Been 'Trained To Fight Demons' #
  • @SEIU @FamiliesUSA Seriously? That's a lot of dough, but even split over only 20 million citizens it's a whopping $100 a piece #
  • Just watched Wait Until Dark and via Wikipedia I think Efrem Zimbalist Jr. looks like David Duchovny #
  • @ewg118 What … can't wait for some wacky surprises to scratch your head about? lol #
  • Is This a Parrot on Mars? : Discovery News #
  • Scientists Establish First Working Quantum Network, Quantum Internet On The Way via @geekosystem I just drooled a bit. #
  • Remember the next time you hold a rabbit's foot for good luck, it did not do much good for the rabbit. #
  • RT @washingtonpost: 2012 has 3 Friday the 13ths and they are 13 weeks apart: . #
  • @historytweeter There were more Civil War soldiers that died than soldiers that thought ?!?! 🙂 #

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