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September 20
  • RT @PJA64X If you clean the floor with love, you have done an invisible painting. — Osho #
  • Had a great idea for a website yesterday … then found out it was already done lol Oh well … maybe I can do it too. #
  • RT @PJA64X If man makes himself a worm he must not complain when he is trodden on. — Immanuel Kant #
  • Had a good time helping dad with FInn’s new bed, good steak & potato dinner + shooting the shit. 😀 #
  • It is aggravating–just 9 years ago we had a record surplus, diminishing debt (half what it is now). I suppose bickering will get it back. #
  • US Economy: Velocity Of Money And M1 Multiplier Paint A Mixed Picture A good read for those interested in #economics #
  • I maintain that this the US teeters on the verge of civil war: two sides avoiding change and resolution by simply blaming the other side. #
  • I maintain that this the US teeters on the verge of civil war: two sides avoiding change by blaming the other side. #
  • I find it interesting that right wingers and left wingers both complain about government greed and power hunger … #
  • #fascism is a society of natural selection. The best suited to control get to control — the strongest (best suited) survive. #
  • #federalism certainly sounds nice, but it is, in effect, unity through division. #
  • #anarchy would also be pretty nice, if humans would learn to indulge in personal contentment. #
  • #utopia is making the best of whatever restrictions you inherited at birth. #
  • #libertarianism would be wonderful if there weren’t always someone trying to screw up what you have. #
  • #communism is, by definition, fair, but it does little to promote human curiosity and advancement, as there is no incentive to progress. #
  • #capitalism is supposed to be fair, but it must start as utopia to ensure no one has an exploitable advantage. Fairness must be regulated. #
  • Human biology as the parts of speech: period, colon, semi-colon (post-colorectomy), coma? lol hhmmmm #
  • You can never 100% trust anything you read in the news, and that, obviously, includes Fox News #
  • How Much Poop Does America Flush? #
  • RT @silverclassics 28 Sides Designs & Crafts on Artfire #
  • @silverclassics I saw your update to artfire–very nice. Relates to your campaigns — how to keep info/images synchronized on multiple sites #
  • Too Good to Check? by @factcheckdotorg Unsubstianted, unverified claims make it into presidential speeches too … #
  • RT @YOUQUOTEDQUOTES Happiness is enhanced by others, but does not depend upon others. Unknown #
  • I am deeply enraptured by the rich history of the US, and yet I am awed realizing that it’s dwarfed by that of the rest of the world. #
  • Not that @MMFA is particularly unbiased, but this article brings up a dire point. Stop the hatred, get on with resolution #
  • RT @wceberly 233 yrs today, Sept 18 1776, General George Washington reports to Congress on Battle of Harlem Heights, NY #
  • As someone who believes in making accusations when the facts are all in, this could be exactly what is needed RE: #ACORN #
  • WOW 72 years on television … ending. Seems pretty historical in a way. #
  • RT @PJA64X Nick Vujicic: You Can Get Back Up! If this video doesn´t inspire you, you are either blind or dead! #
  • “By one count, Bush had 36 czar positions filled by 46 people during his eight years as president.” [Wash. Post, 9/16/09] #
  • A likely 47-million-year-old missing evolutionary link (Ida the lemur): Aweeessssoooooommmmmeee. #
  • US Constitution S5P2: “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior …” #
  • RT @thewordoftheday 17/9 – fulgurant (/ˈfʌlgyərənt/) – adj: flashing like lightning. #
  • “Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy.” -Robert Heinlein #
  • I should correct my last post, we are actually much further down the Rahn curve, but it’s certainly intriguing to examine the concept. #
  • Gov’t spending and its effects on econ. growth: Note how US spending teeters consistently at the peak: #
  • 1% of Americans are in jail. <0.1% of ACORN chapters are under fraud investigation. Is ACORN ahead of the curve? #
  • Despite the slander, a LOT of honest people work at ACORN with good intentions, and this is a demonstration of it. #
  • Pretty obvious, but if you want to have an opinion, you need to make sure you understand it. That is true for everyone. #
  • @thecuriousmind you have great posts but just way too many lol … unfollowing for now #
  • Great page for photographers and animal enthusiasts: #
  • @foxnews Sorry, but you have as many posts as everyone else I’m following combined … too much clutter, must unfollow. #
  • RT @adamostrow LOL – (via @jbruin) #
  • This may be the most relevant-to-me scientific discovery of the last 50 years lol AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!! #
  • “You meet your destiny on the road you take to avoid it” – Carl Jung #
  • While I have theorized the racism concept myself, it’s a difficult sell, and it surprised me Carter brought it up. #
  • How to mix positive and negative, skepticism and encouragement without beheading the other side. #WaPo (Health Care Math) #
  • While the article has right-leaning jabs and some bias, and I historically dislike the author — WOW well said #ctwhitman #
  • 2 mil on 9/12? No. Not even close. However it clearly had an impact on negating public support gains. #
  • Public plan isn’t possible – Bob Franken Ouch … scathing commentary, but well reasoned. #
  • What a constructive approach yields in reference to ACORN: #
  • Point/counterpoint is not the same as pomp/contortion. If you’re going to argue a point, try to absorb this rather simple philosophy. #
  • @adamostrow Ellipses … should .. be … used … any … time … even … be … tween … the … occasional … sylla … ble. #
  • The 3 i’s of pending civil breakdown: Ignorance, Intolerance, and Inaction. If any one is present, complete failure is nigh. #
  • The disdain growing toward gov’t–a CONSTITUTIONALLY elected gov’t–is a lack of trust in the charter itself. Don’t blame them. Blame you. #
  • A fair boiling down of the Health Care conundrum … This is what Congress gets paid to think about, so think think think #
  • Hmm … strangely controversial? A little self centered, but it’s the freakin HOF — it IS all about him. #MJ #Jordan #
  • Call Obama’s bluff: The voice of reason takes many forms, and this is certainly exemplary of the best of those forms. #
  • RT @factcheckdotorg Q: Did Obama order creation of a postage stamp to honor a Muslim holiday? A: #
  • A reasonable excuse to reasonably evaluate your opinions of government: #
  • @vanadaar GRAAHH I hate the pats ….. 🙁 Oh well plenty of season left. in reply to vanadaar #
  • Patrick Swayze was seriously 57 years old?!?! Crazy … still young, but wow I always thought he was closer to me in age. (I’m 30) #
  • Personally, “You lie” is over for me, but this article: gives a great summation of tempers in Congress! Notice 1856. #
  • @silverclassics Just think about how great it will be when it is done! #
  • Philosophy in 140 characters or less is a challenge, but an excellent exercise in the art of succinctness. #
  • In the ideal capitalism, everyone works and succeeds equally. In the ideal communism, everyone has what they need. Neither ideal exists. #
  • @JIMMYFALLON Here’s one: Why is it the vehement approach to being against Obama’s plan is to abandon health care reform altogether? #
  • “You lie” RT @factcheckdotorg – Immigrants and Insurance: How HR 3200 affects Illegal Immigrants #
  • “If the great American people will only keep their temper, on both sides of the line, the trouble will come to an end” -Abraham Lincoln 1861 #
  • “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” -Samuel Adams #
  • [The Civil War] “It was not the salvation of the Union; it was the rebirth of the Union.” – Woodrow Wilson, 1915 : Is it coming again? #
  • OMG You’re a sparkly vampire — it’s my birthday — kiss me ! LOL #
  • Why is it people can’t accept that two people who love their country equally can disagree? Why must they hate each other … E Pluribus Unum #
  • Thank you #excedrin for salvaging the last few hours of a head throbbing day :\ #
  • RT @GStephanopoulos Pawlenty Backs Off Nullification <– Just demonstrating that you can disagree without attacking. #
  • The fall of the US won’t be the fault of social reforms or unnecessary wars. It will come from the intolerance and ignorance of its people. #

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